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I wish this page
1.What is CFOShared.com?

CFOShared.com is an online community for senior IT decision makers. Most importantly, it is a community that truly enables CIO's to share their favourite tools, apps, videos, templates and anything else that helps their daily work. You can ask questions, get answers, vote on answers, apply for jobs…and even use our “Insider” section to learn about what it is like to use certain enterprise technologies.

There’s enough competition in the world. There has to be a time and place to “share” as well.

2.Why is it different from other social sites like LinkedIn, etc?

We love sites like LinkedIn. But we’re frustrated by them too. They are built for everyone, and not everyone has the same needs as CIO's. We need to be able to share documents. We need to share tools, videos, apps and more that are specific to IT strategy, compliance, and so on. That means uploading stuff. That means requesting stuff. That means libraries of tools, research, apps and videos. CFOShared.com is LinkedIn+++. Because…we deserve it!

3.What is the value to me as a CIO?

Need to develop a new process / template / app? Check here to see if someone has already uploaded a version that you can tailor for your use. Want to demonstrate your credibility to Employers? Engage on the site, build your CredPoints, and then apply for a job. You’ll be listed at the top to your potential Employers. Want to know what it’s like to implement a certain technology? Check “Insider” to see what others have said. Check the research, webinars, review the videos, ask a question, vote on an answer.

4.Can I find new career opportunities here?

You certainly can. Just click on the Jobs section. As CFOShared.com is a new community we will be rapidly adding new recruiters all the time, so watch this space. And be sure to let your own HR team know about this opportunity.

5.What are CredPoints?

We love sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but it’s frustrating that they don’t recognise people who really contribute. If I am going to be an active Member of a community, sharing tools, template, videos, asking and answering questions, then I want this to be recognised by my peers and (very importantly) potential employers.

CredPoints stands for Credibility Points (obviously!). The more you contribute, the higher your score. Most importantly, when candidates apply for a job on this website the ones with the highest CredPoints are listed first and are highlighted as “High Creds”. It’s a great differentiator for you and demonstrates your credibility as a team-playing senior IT executive to potential employers.

6.Can I upload a tool or template if I don’t own the copyright?

No, please don’t. You’ll get us (and you) in trouble. Please only upload tools or templates that you have developed personally, or that are already in the public domain. BUT…please do upload tools and templates whenever possible. Your fellow CIO's need them and it is a very important part of this community (plus it gets you CredPoints, useful for when you apply for a job or are engaging with a new client here).

7.What is the “Request for Tool” about?

Life is difficult enough. Surely someone has already developed this tool, template, process, etc that I need to have ready within the nnext 24 hours! Just put a shout out to your fellow members and see if someone can help you out. We may even be able to develop it for you ourselves…FOR FREE! You’re welcome.

8.What is “I Wish This Page” about?

CFOShared.com is a new community, and it is here for YOU! We have done our best to make it useful and easy to use for CIO's just like you. However, we need YOUR help to keep improving this community and make it the best in the world. When you find a page that you think “Hmm…I wish this page would let me….” please let us know and we will try to make it happen for you.

9.What is “Insider” about?

“Insider” is a great feature, but ultimately its value comes down to Members just like you. You can post your experiences or view other Members experiences using particular technologies. It is an interesting way to get others insights into technologies that you are evaluating, and you can contact them for further information.

10.What Is “Clipping” for?

"Clipping” is similar to bookmarking. It saves your “clippings” to your profile for easy access in the future. We like to make things easy for you

11.Who is behind CFOShared.com?

Impertion Ltd (registered in the Republic of Ireland) owns CFOShared.com . Impertion owns a number of professional community websites similar to CFOShared.com. More information: www.impertion.com

12.Who should I contact if I want to recruit or advertise on CFOShared.com?

Drop us an email on recruitment@cfoshared.com and we will call you to discuss

13.Will you sell my email or other private information?

Never. We promise to never sell any of your data.

14.Who do I contact if I have a problem on CFOShared.com?

Just drop us an email on support@cfoshared.com

15.I work for a Technology company and want to give your Members FREE STUFF!

Good on you! They deserve it. Drop us an email on marketing@cfoshared.com

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